Learning Emotional Intelligence with “The Color Monster”

Emotional intelligence is one of our favorite subjects here at C.A.T.s Corner! That’s because emotional intelligence is an essential component of our daily lives that isn’t often recognized. Whether we are making friends, interacting with our family, reading a book, or even starting a new job, we are using emotional intelligence skills. What types ofContinue reading “Learning Emotional Intelligence with “The Color Monster””

Worry tools and Storytelling

I’ve always been a worrier; I remember experiencing so many worries especially as a child. My worries were truly a result of my anxiety over the unknown-most being things that were out of my control. Sometimes, writing down our worries, or the things we cannot control that seem to be spiking our anxiety, can helpContinue reading “Worry tools and Storytelling”

The Worry Box: A Ritual for Anxiety, Worry, and Nervousness

All of us experience fear, nervousness, worry, and anxiety to some extent on a daily basis. Because of this, it is important to have a real or mental list of available coping strategies to use for when you need a little help. A fun and simple ritual activity that you can add to your currentContinue reading “The Worry Box: A Ritual for Anxiety, Worry, and Nervousness”

Guess that Emotion: Mask Edition

Going back to school this fall (in whatever capacity is safest for your family!) is sure to bring up a lot of concerns for both kids and parents. There are a whole new set of challenges present, and kids are in need of fun and easy methods to help them get back on track andContinue reading “Guess that Emotion: Mask Edition”

Crafts About Change: Positivity Butterflies

Working through a metaphor is the perfect way to give kids some distance from their problems while still addressing them. This activity utilizes the metaphor of the butterfly to symbolize growth and change. Kids will be able to get all of their negative thoughts or worries out, and then learn how a bit of work,Continue reading “Crafts About Change: Positivity Butterflies”

If You Were A Superhero…

“If You were a Superhero” is a fun activity that can be used for a variety of different purposes. It encourages imagination, creativity, story-telling, and may even provide eye opening insight for caregivers or therapeutic facilitators based on the child’s creation and the story they build around their superhero.  You can take this activity aContinue reading “If You Were A Superhero…”

Emotional Intelligence Skill Builder: The Game of Walking Emotions

As children, our learning processes often follow a similar track: start small and simple, and then add detail as our intellectual and physical capabilities increase. For example, once we know the colors of the rainbow, we are more equipped to understand where teal and maroon fit in the color spectrum. The same thing is trueContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence Skill Builder: The Game of Walking Emotions”

Skill Builder: Playing Four Corners With Stage Directions

Did you know that your kids (and yourself!) often learn the best when doing something hands-on and fun? Teachers have been using this concept for years to engage young minds in the way that feels most natural to them: Play. Play is an essential element in drama therapy and is encouraged for all ages. ManyContinue reading “Skill Builder: Playing Four Corners With Stage Directions”

I-Spy Jars

I-Spy Jars are a fun and affordable way to create a “grounding” technique tool for any and all ages. Whether you or someone you know is dealing with emotional dysregulation, or you just need a “brain break”, an I-Spy jar can help bring you back to the present moment or help you practice staying inContinue reading “I-Spy Jars”