The Kraken’s Rules for Making Friends: Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt using the book, The Kraken’s Rules for Making Friends by Brittany R. Jacobs, to build social skills. Appropriate for elementary age but games are suitable for all ages!

Guess that Emotion: Mask Edition

Going back to school this fall (in whatever capacity is safest for your family!) is sure to bring up a lot of concerns for both kids and parents. There are a whole new set of challenges present, and kids are in need of fun and easy methods to help them get back on track andContinue reading “Guess that Emotion: Mask Edition”

Emotional Intelligence Skill Builder: The Game of Walking Emotions

As children, our learning processes often follow a similar track: start small and simple, and then add detail as our intellectual and physical capabilities increase. For example, once we know the colors of the rainbow, we are more equipped to understand where teal and maroon fit in the color spectrum. The same thing is trueContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence Skill Builder: The Game of Walking Emotions”