“The Actor’s Worst Nightmare”

“The Actor’s Worst Nightmare” is a fun and easy drama game that can be done in a variety of different settings with a variety of different age groups. All you need is at least 2 people and some props! This is a fun way to work on communication, confidence, problem-solving skills and more!

Easy Daily Mood Tracker

When COVID-19 and Summer clash, what do you get? The ultimate schedule disruption! I don’t know about you, but when my schedule is off, I feel it. Although we don’t want every moment of our lives to be scheduled, having a daily schedule can be one of the most helpful things we do for ourselvesContinue reading “Easy Daily Mood Tracker”

Skill Builder: Playing Four Corners With Stage Directions

Did you know that your kids (and yourself!) often learn the best when doing something hands-on and fun? Teachers have been using this concept for years to engage young minds in the way that feels most natural to them: Play. Play is an essential element in drama therapy and is encouraged for all ages. ManyContinue reading “Skill Builder: Playing Four Corners With Stage Directions”

I-Spy Jars

I-Spy Jars are a fun and affordable way to create a “grounding” technique tool for any and all ages. Whether you or someone you know is dealing with emotional dysregulation, or you just need a “brain break”, an I-Spy jar can help bring you back to the present moment or help you practice staying inContinue reading “I-Spy Jars”

Using Story Cubes to Explore Roles

I love stories. Stories have the power to hold our hopes, our fears, and to make sense of the world around us. The stories your child creates have meaning. As a drama therapist, I naturally lean towards creating original stories with my young clients. One way that works particularly well for me in my practiceContinue reading “Using Story Cubes to Explore Roles”

Emotions Check-In Chart

We all want what’s best for our kids, right? We teach them how to stay healthy, how to listen and follow directions, and how to take care of themselves. But something we often don’t think about is how we are teaching our children to recognize and work with their emotions. This is a skill weContinue reading “Emotions Check-In Chart”

Sensory Bottles (Calm Down Jars)

Sensory Bottles, also known as Calm Down Jars, are fun and easy to make for any age! You can personalize your Sensory Bottle by adding different types of objects and decorations inside of it in order to truly customize it and make it your own! Sensory Bottles can be used as a grounding technique toContinue reading “Sensory Bottles (Calm Down Jars)”