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Make your own “Feel Good File”

              The “Feel Good File” is a simple and effective activity that encourages combating negative thinking patterns and boosts self-esteem by providing a physical place for yourself and/or your child to store positive, loving words of encouragement and affirmation. The purpose of creating a feel good file is to practice challenging the negative thoughts thatContinue reading “Make your own “Feel Good File””

Why I Stopped Using the Phrase “Attention-Seeking”

“She’s just throwing tantrums to get attention. Ignore her.” I hear it all the time in sessions. Parents are exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Whether their child is displaying a mild behavior such as whining or begging, or something more serious such as physical aggression or self-harm, parents often describe their child’s behaviors as attention-seeking. EvenContinue reading “Why I Stopped Using the Phrase “Attention-Seeking””

The Longest and Most Boring Conversation in the History of the Universe

Hey there! Is it just me or is it getting more difficult to keep the attention of children with ADHD and/or autism? Now more than ever, children are struggling to focus in school or at home. I notice it even in my counseling sessions. It’s a challenge to stay on-topic and on-track. I understand- thereContinue reading “The Longest and Most Boring Conversation in the History of the Universe”

The Adverb Game

The Adverb Game is fun drama game that works on skills such as creativity, observation, grammar, and emotional identification. This game is ideal in group settings and can be adapted for a variety of different age groups, populations, and/or cognitive abilities. The game is simple. First, start out by creating a list of adverbs whetherContinue reading “The Adverb Game”

Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Tension

When I have clients who struggle with traditional meditation, I often suggest that they try guided meditation. I love guided meditation because it incorporates purposeful dialogue that leads you through the meditation experience and can help you to stay engaged. A simple YouTube search can produce hundreds of guided meditation videos about a variety ofContinue reading “Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Tension”

I Can Still Dream: Creating safe space for children to process racism

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Today on CATS Corner we are learning an activity to help create a safe space for our small clients. Talking about racism and discrimination is scary- even for adults. For kids, they may not know the words to express intense emotions related to what they have seen or directlyContinue reading “I Can Still Dream: Creating safe space for children to process racism”


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