What is Drama Therapy?

The week of October 19-25th was the second international drama therapy week! To celebrate, we here at C.A.T.s Corner decided to create an informational video for all of you about the basics of drama therapy. Whenever I introduce myself as a drama therapist, I get asked a lot of questions. Common queries include “What doContinue reading “What is Drama Therapy?”

Emotional Thermometers for Aggression

Emotional thermometers are a popular cognitive behavioral intervention for children and adolescents. It is often used to promote self-awareness and the healthy expression of emotions. Watch the video for step by step instructions, and read below to see how to use this CBT tool through a drama therapy lens! After completing their thermometer, I oftenContinue reading “Emotional Thermometers for Aggression”

Emotional Thermometer for Anxiety

Emotional thermometers are a popular cognitive behavioral intervention for children and adolescents. It is often used to promote self-awareness and emotional intelligence. While it is often used to represent anger and physical aggression, it is also great to identify feelings and symptoms related to anxiety. The emotional thermometer for anxiety is used to increase awarenessContinue reading “Emotional Thermometer for Anxiety”

Learning Emotional Intelligence with “The Color Monster”

Emotional intelligence is one of our favorite subjects here at C.A.T.s Corner! That’s because emotional intelligence is an essential component of our daily lives that isn’t often recognized. Whether we are making friends, interacting with our family, reading a book, or even starting a new job, we are using emotional intelligence skills. What types ofContinue reading “Learning Emotional Intelligence with “The Color Monster””

The Review is in! How I Use Mindful Kids to Help Start the Day

Mindful Kids is one of my favorite resources as a creative arts therapist. The mindfulness activities are great for all ages and comfort zones. Plus, it’s extremely affordable! Just click on the mindfulness activity for the amazon link. Watch the video below to see how I use one of their activities to help children startContinue reading “The Review is in! How I Use Mindful Kids to Help Start the Day”

The Worry Box: A Ritual for Anxiety, Worry, and Nervousness

All of us experience fear, nervousness, worry, and anxiety to some extent on a daily basis. Because of this, it is important to have a real or mental list of available coping strategies to use for when you need a little help. A fun and simple ritual activity that you can add to your currentContinue reading “The Worry Box: A Ritual for Anxiety, Worry, and Nervousness”

The Kraken’s Rules for Making Friends: Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt using the book, The Kraken’s Rules for Making Friends by Brittany R. Jacobs, to build social skills. Appropriate for elementary age but games are suitable for all ages!

Guess that Emotion: Mask Edition

Going back to school this fall (in whatever capacity is safest for your family!) is sure to bring up a lot of concerns for both kids and parents. There are a whole new set of challenges present, and kids are in need of fun and easy methods to help them get back on track andContinue reading “Guess that Emotion: Mask Edition”

Directive Art: Building Open Communication and Active Listening

Struggling to find activities that translate well in telehealth? Me too. Here’s an activity that I’ve discovered during my countless hours of telehealth research. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It works. To see exactly how the activity is done, watch the video below! Directive art is amazing for telehealth because you (the artist) are the onlyContinue reading “Directive Art: Building Open Communication and Active Listening”

Crafts About Change: Positivity Butterflies

Working through a metaphor is the perfect way to give kids some distance from their problems while still addressing them. This activity utilizes the metaphor of the butterfly to symbolize growth and change. Kids will be able to get all of their negative thoughts or worries out, and then learn how a bit of work,Continue reading “Crafts About Change: Positivity Butterflies”