The Adverb Game

The Adverb Game is fun drama game that works on skills such as creativity, observation, grammar, and emotional identification. This game is ideal in group settings and can be adapted for a variety of different age groups, populations, and/or cognitive abilities.

The game is simple. First, start out by creating a list of adverbs whether that be as a group or on your own as the facilitator. Get creative with your adverbs! For example: calmly, gracefully, mysteriously, sneakily, miserably, joyfully, nervously, carefully, angerly, innocently, reluctantly, politely, sadly, quickly, timidly, secretly, sleepily, confidently

Once you are satisfied with your list of adverbs, it is time to choose a volunteer from the group to step out of the room while the other members stay and decide on an adverb from the list that has just been created. Lets say, the group decides on the adverb “miserably”. The volunteer comes back into the room (not knowing the adverb the group has chosen). Here is where the fun begins!

The volunteer will then pick an action for the group to begin acting out. It may be helpful to create an additional list that includes a variety of different actions. Get creative with these too! For example: walking a dog, tying a shoe, playing basketball, cheerleading, brushing your hair, playing piano, writing a letter, making pancakes, digging a hole, mowing the lawn, eating spaghetti, making an important phone call


For the sake of our example, lets say the action that is chosen is “eating spaghetti”. The group members will begin acting out “eating spaghetti”, and this is where the chosen adverb comes into play. The group members aren’t just acting out “eating spaghetti”, they are acting out “eating spaghetti miserably”. The volunteer who left the room while the adverb was chosen now has to guess the adverb the group is acting out. The person guessing the adverb can continue changing the action the group acts out until the adverb has been guessed correctly.

The funniest part of the adverb game is the mismatch between the randomly chosen activity and the adverb chosen by the group, for example ‘walking a dog” sleepily or sneakily. In another version of this game, no list of adverbs or activities are displayed, making the game much more difficult.


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