Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Tension

When I have clients who struggle with traditional meditation, I often suggest that they try guided meditation. I love guided meditation because it incorporates purposeful dialogue that leads you through the meditation experience and can help you to stay engaged. A simple YouTube search can produce hundreds of guided meditation videos about a variety of subjects, which means you can probably find a helpful meditation for whatever you need!

I first encountered this “letting go of tension” or “golden light” meditation when I was working with a music therapist at a children’s hospital. Meditation was such a powerful practice for patients who needed help getting calm before a procedure or mitigating pain. Often, the practice was so effective that patients would fall into a peaceful sleep! I learned so much about the power of meditation through this experience and continue to integrate it into my therapy practices today. I highly encourage you to give this short guided meditation a try and to continue trying to incorporate some moments of mindfulness into your daily life.


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