My “On the Go” Drama Therapy Bag

As much as drama therapists love their scarves, costume pieces, props, and art supplies, we know it isn’t always practical to take them with us to sessions. This is why I created my own “on the go” drama therapy bag that holds a variety of different tools for interventions and working with clients. These items are definitely my go-tos, meaning I can find many different ways to use them and they often get client’s creativity flowing.

The video will show you everything I keep with me, but below are links for some of my favorite products. They make awesome holiday gifts for children, child wranglers, and anyone who likes to put a little creative fun in their day as well!

  1. Rory’s Story Cubes–
  2. Mindful Kids Activity Pack–
  3. Puppet Eye Rings–
  4. Mad-Libs–

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