“Blind Picasso”

“Blind Picasso” is a fun activity that encourages active listening, creativity, imagination, and so much more. Not only that, but it reminds us that we all perceive and interpret things differently in the world-whether we are seeing something with our own eyes, or listening to something with our own ears.

All you need is a partner, a piece of paper, something to draw and/or color with, and an open mind to truly enjoy this creative arts activity!

How to play “Blind Picasso”:

Two people sit back to back. Next, you will need to choose who is going to start off as “blind Picasso” and who is going to start as the teller. The teller chooses an object in the room and begins to describe the object while “blind Picasso” begins to draw what is being described to them. “Blind Picasso” can ask the teller questions about the colors of the object, size, shape, etc. It is up to the teller to describe the object to “blind Picasso” to the best of their ability without saying specifically what the object is. Once the teller has completed describing their object, and “blind Picasso” has no further questions, “blind Picasso” reveals their drawing, and then, the object that was being described by the teller is shown to “blind Picasso”. The drawing is compared to the object. Now, SWITCH! “Blind Picasso” now becomes the teller and the teller now becomes “blind Picasso”!


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