Learning Emotional Intelligence with “The Color Monster”

Emotional intelligence is one of our favorite subjects here at C.A.T.s Corner! That’s because emotional intelligence is an essential component of our daily lives that isn’t often recognized. Whether we are making friends, interacting with our family, reading a book, or even starting a new job, we are using emotional intelligence skills.

What types of skills fall under the category of emotional intelligence? In this activity with “The Color Monster” by Anna Llenas, we address the skills of communication, facial expression recognition, understanding nonverbal cues, connecting emotional reactions to life situations, and connecting emotions with other abstract concepts like color. A list of other emotional intelligence skills include:

  • Emotional Awareness-being able to recognize your own emotions and how they impact you
  • Self-awareness-understanding what is happening in the moment and your impact on others, as well as your self-confidence
  • Self-control-being able to inhibit impulses
  • Adaptability-being flexible and open to others’ perspectives
  • Empathy-A very large concept that encompasses recognizing the needs of others, supporting others in the growing process, understanding differences, and perceiving others’ emotional states
  • Social Skills-a wide range of skills encompassing leadership, being trustworthy, working as part of a team, cooperating with others, and problem solving

This activity is perfect for ages 6-10 and opens the floor for open dialogue surrounding how our emotions influence our actions and vice versa. It also helps kids to build a new language around emotion using color and discusses appropriate coping skills for maintaining calm. I hope that you enjoy this group activity and that it brings some fun into your day!


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