The Worry Box: A Ritual for Anxiety, Worry, and Nervousness

All of us experience fear, nervousness, worry, and anxiety to some extent on a daily basis. Because of this, it is important to have a real or mental list of available coping strategies to use for when you need a little help. A fun and simple ritual activity that you can add to your current set of tools is creating a worry box. Worry boxes are perfect for all ages, can be any size, and most importantly, are customizable for your daily needs.

The purpose of the worry box is to create a special place in which to physicalize taking your mind off your worries. In fact, the worry box holds your worries so you don’t have to! The first step of this activity involves finding a box or even bag to serve as your worry box. It can be large or small, colorful or plain, have text, images, anything you want! What’s truly important is that you make it personalized to you and your needs. After you have created your box, use the ritual from the video above to help you calm your mind and set your worries aside–for as long as you want to, that is. I always suggest starting and ending this ritual with a few slow deep breaths and a moment of silence. I hope this activity helps to bring some calm and peace into your day, as well as a more positive outlook.


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