“Candy-go-round” is a fun, interactive “getting to know you” game perfect for breaking the ice.

Each person in the group will receive a packet of Skittles. Other items can be used as a substitution to candy such as colored beads. Instruct each person to open their packet and sort their candy by color-advise them to not eat their candy quite yet! Once candies are sorted out by color, it is time for the game to begin!

Pick someone to go first and instruct them to choose a color from their pile of candy and say aloud how many of that color candy they have in their pile. For example, someone could say RED and then state they have two red candies in their pile. They will then read the question listed for the color red and respond with two answers to that question. After giving their answers, have them choose the next person to answer that same question providing as many answers to the question as they have of candies in that color. This continues until each color has been used and each person has answered all the questions pertaining to each color. As a treat, Candy can be eaten after an individual’s color question has been answered.  

Here is a list of possible questions to be answered (colors will change based on the type of candy/objects you are using):

RED: State a word to describe yourself

Yellow: What is a fun or enjoyable memory you have?

Green: State a goal surrounding the upcoming year that you have for yourself

Orange: What is something you want people to remember you for?

Purple: What is something you are good at or that you enjoy doing?

*Note: As a facilitator you can come up with questions or you can take it a step further and have group members come up with questions/prompts they want to answer and hear answered for each color. *

After the activity is complete, it is always a good idea to check in with the group to ask how the activity went for them. Did anything surprise you? How did you feel about providing answers to each question based on the amount of candies in each color you had? Was there anything about this activity that stood out to you?

Breaking the ice can be hard to do, but if there is food involved, it somehow seems to be easier for most! This is a fun and easy way to find similarities and differences among each other. Whether it be in a back to school setting, or in a therapeutic group setting, this game gets the ball rolling.


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