Emotions Check-In Chart

We all want what’s best for our kids, right? We teach them how to stay healthy, how to listen and follow directions, and how to take care of themselves. But something we often don’t think about is how we are teaching our children to recognize and work with their emotions. This is a skill we call emotional intelligence: One’s ability to recognize and label, understand in themselves and others, and cope with all of the many emotions we encounter on a daily basis.

This emotions check-in chart is an easy way to begin building some emotional awareness and recognition skills in your kids. As a family, you can create your own chart and decide which emotions you want to track. You will learn what different facial expressions connected to emotions look like, as well as what words connect to similar emotions. Then, whenever a transition is present, encourage your kids (and yourself!) to change the position of their clip to show how they are feeling. Updating the chart works best as part of a daily schedule. I suggest morning/afternoon/evening, or before school, after school, and before bed. I hope you all get creative with your charts and are able to facilitate some wonderful learning moments around communicating your emotions!

Materials: A flat backing (poster board, cereal box, frozen pizza box, etc.), coloring utensils, a permanent marker, and clips for each person in the family (I use clothespins).

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