Welcome to your DIY creative arts therapies resource.

More Than Your Average Arts and Crafts Page.

At C.A.T.S Corner, we strive to provide you with new ideas for your self-care and mindfulness routine. Our collaborative team specializes in creative arts therapy with children, adolescents, and adults. Here, you’ll find our favorite techniques.

Creative Self-Care

Take your power back with our self-care exercises. Amp up your daily routine with reflection and relaxation.


Learn exciting games and activities for children and adolescents to promote socioemotional development.

Mindful Processing

Improve your self-awareness and self-management to create more successful relationships and promote positive well-being.

Happy Pride Month! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by donating to the Black Visions Collective- a Minnesota-based black, trans, and queer-led organization committed to dismantling systems of oppression and violence.

A Note From Our Team:

C.A.T.S Corner is not a service provider. We provide engaging activities for children and adults to grow into their best selves. If you are in need of mental health services, please contact a licensed therapist.

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